Custom Molded Orthotics

Here at Redmond Foot & Ankle, we use precision custom molded orthotics to treat foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, bursitis, foot ulcers, and pain in the foot, heel, or ankle.

Once Dr. Richardson has performed a complete evaluation of the patient's feet, ankles, and legs, orthotics may then be prescribed.  Our orthotics are crafted to match the contours of a patient's foot with high precision. To achieve this, a high resolution 3D digital scan of the patient's feet is performed. This allows the orthotics to precisely match the patient's unique foot structure and movement.

Due to the modern technology used, we often can perform the foot scans on the same day as your initial appointment. This saves you time and money, and gets your treatment started faster.  Usually the orthotics are covered by your insurance plan. We'll facilitate discovery of your insurance benefits.

Dr. Richardson can design orthotics to aid in the treatment of your foot problems, as well as to fit your activities and lifestyle.


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